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"Community Grocers are more than just a community shop. They are community hubs, locally managed and controlled, meeting local need and a place where people want to go and access services. They are the starting point for tackling poverty, improving health and transforming lives."

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Join your Community Grocers

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Our Partners

Healthy Me Healthy Communities relies on the support of our communities and dedicated partnerships to deliver much needed services. Our partners provide much needed expertise, resources and support for programmes like Community Grocers; while Healthy Me Healthy Communities work closely with each partner to improve their approaches to engaging in local communities.

What is a Community Grocer?

Community Grocers are a redistribution scheme for surplus food and household items that would otherwise go to waste. They look and feel like a traditional shop with members paying £2.50 for around £12 worth of goods including fresh produce. But they are more than just a shop, they are a valued community hub.

Each Community Grocer is locally managed and controlled, meeting local need and a place where people want to go. Along with tackling the food poverty they are a starting point for transforming lives by offering activities, training, volunteer opportunities and access to partner services.

The Community Grocer has reach with:

• 76% of households have a long-term health conditions
• 48% have diabetes
• 45% have mental health condition

The Community Grocer makes a difference

After 6 months:
✔ 88% of members now rate their health as good or better
✔ 88% of members eat more healthily
✔ 83% eat more fruit and vegetables
✔ 96% know more people from attending the project

The Community Grocers' impact

Become a Community Grocer partner

If you would like to explore opportunities for your organisation to get involved, email us and we'll get back to you to arrange a discussion.

Want to set up a Community Grocer?

We are specialists in building community assets providing set-up and ongoing support for your Community Grocer. Contact us for more details.

Want to donate?

We accept stock and 'Spud' our van can collect from you. Also we accept financial donations and this is used for buying additional stock and equipment. Please contact us to discuss how you can help.

Join your Community Grocers

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