Our Latest Projects


Tackling poverty, improving employability

A community-shop is a community food-sharing membership scheme, staffed by volunteers, whereby for £2.50 you can buy around £12 worth of food. The majority of the food is provided by FareShare and local donations.

We are delighted to be working with One Manchester on this exciting new community project.

✔ Tackling poverty
✔ Volunteering and skills
✔ Reducing loneliness
✔ Access to information and support

We are delighted to be working with One Manchester on this exciting new community project. Our first shop, Anson Community-Shop, opened April 2016 and has gone from strength to strength:

• Staffed by 8 volunteers giving over 75 hours per week
• Trading for 2-days / 8-hours per week
• Over 100 members
• 6 healthy-eating workshops
• Over 400kg of food saved from landfill each week
• Turned into over £2,500 trading income (£5k per year)
• Plus over £1000 raised from individual donations
• And more than £2000 raised from grants


Community involvement & ownership

“In 2015 a group of passionate people including residents, GPs and agencies embarked on a journey together to improve health and wellbeing for people living, working and visiting Rusholme, Manchester.”

The Community Conversation toolkit is a starting point for recognising what most affects health and wellbeing for residents of Rusholme and what could be done together for improving it.

The 3-stage conversation produced a Community Health & Wellbeing action-plan that will be taken forward by the new Rusholme Health Forum, supported by Rusholme Soup. Healthy Me Healthy Communities were proud to be one of only 11 organisations nationally to receive a NHS England's Celebrating Participation in Healthcare grant (see http://bit.ly/1q3lmxn)

✔ Community involvement and ownership
✔ Developing partnerships and collaboration
✔ Grow community projects


Crowd funding

“A great idea from over the pond in Detroit arrives in Manchester. Detroit Soup www.detroitsoup.com is the founding project and celebrating 5-years of micro-funding including 95 suppers and £55,000 raised for local projects. Simply a SOUP is a community-supper for micro-funding local projects.”

On the night people come along to their neighbourhood SOUP event where they learn about the ideas for their community, share a supper and using the money raised on the night, vote on which project to fund. The funding comes from donations on the night and business sponsorship. There are no losers with people coming together around an idea, identifying and sharing resources. SOUPs are a great way to raise money, build community support and get connections to local resources that can help you carry out your project.

To find out more about Rusholme Soup visit www.rusholmesoup.com or contact us. Got an idea - get in touch!

✔ Collaboration
✔ Increases resources
✔ Access to community support and connections


Improved confidence and skills

Food Works trains and mentors people to become community food-facilitators and includes the RSPH Food Safety Level 2 qualification. Food Works includes healthy-eating, planning and delivering workshops, and exploring local health issues, which provides a fantastic springboard to volunteering and enhanced job prospects.

The heart of our approach is that health improves when people gain economic independence, fulfil their potential, creating an upward spiral of confidence, motivation and responsibility. In short, Food Works works because it improves opportunities and health.

Currently we are working with East Manchester Children’s Centres and Rainbow Haven transforming lives and improving communities.

✔ Improved confidence and skills
✔ I will have a happy life
✔ Qualification
✔ Cooking skills and nutritional knowledge
✔ Improves prospects and health

“I have gained experience & it will enhance my employability in the catering industry. I would like to find a kitchen job”

Teklebrahn, Food Works


Developing community organising skills

A social-space for coming together and planning community activities with the support of the social-café volunteers and staff. The space is shaped and led by its' members, working together and with partners to improve their own and their communities' health and wellbeing.

The Rusholme Social-café is attended by older-people and working-age people with long-term mental-health conditions, creating age-friendly and mental-health friendly neighbourhoods through peer-support and friendships.

✔ Developing community organising skills
✔ Reducing loneliness
✔ Improving self-reliance